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Charlie Wagner
19:11 23 Dec 23
Just an ok management company. Despite being located in Silicon Valley in 2023, they don't take online payments. When the washer/dryer units at the property were all broken and the owner decided to not replace them for months on end, someone I talked to tried to blame the residents for not keeping it clean? Which was a weird spin. Played the 'We're just the management company relaying the property owners decision' card too often. The unit was nice and had no big issues. For the most part everyone I interacted with was pleasant.
Katherine Haworth
22:09 06 Aug 21
I co-rented a 4-br San Jose property through Valley for several years, until the property owner decided to sell the house. The management company was responsive when we needed repairs, gave us plenty of heads-up when they needed us to move out, and wonder of wonders was quite reasonable about normal wear-and-tear on the house and gave us our full deposit back (we *did* hire a professional cleaner). No fussing or arguing over tiny scuffs trying to nickel-and-dime like other landlords I've known, just a reasonable review of the state of the home. Would recommend.
James Serassio
18:19 20 Dec 19
Valley Management Group is a great company to work with. My family has been using their property management services for three generations now and we haven't had any problems. Their staff is very accommodating, they even keep weekend hours which is very handy since I keep a pretty busy schedule. I own a rental property that they manage for me. Lloyd is responsive and he keeps weekends open in case I or other clients need assistance. Christina in the finance department does a wonderful job. She is responsive and quick to transfer funds or take payments. They are accommodating in other ways too. They are always there to make sure that a vendor is on-site for repairs or work on the home. I can't say enough about how great they are and how much I value their services. If you are looking for a San Jose property management company then, by all means, contact Valley Management Group, you won't be disappointed!
Art D
18:13 24 Aug 18
I’ve had a great experience working with Valley Management Group. I love that they are very responsive and try to always make themselves accessible. The service they provide is convenient and straightforward. They take care of business and let me know if there is anything I need to be notified of. Everyone has always been professional, courteous, and pleasant to work with. I have not had any problems with Valley Management Group and will continue to use their services in the future.
Nhieu Warner
01:13 26 Feb 18
I've been a real estate investor for over 14 yrs and Lloyd is great to work with. As a realtor, clients are always asking for referrals and Lloyd is my go to guy for property management. His entire team does a outstanding job. My tenants were happy with his service.
George Tong
13:16 19 Sep 17
This review is biased because I'm a very satisfied VMG property owner who has used them for all my rentals for past 7+ years. I have gotten better personal service & better tenants with longer retention time. Most owners know the hassle that comes with high turnover, trouble makers & evictions! I moved all my business after 15+ years from largest PM company because my manager had over 200+ doors to deal with monthly & didn't speak Spanish! Lloyd Kipp, licensed CRM & owner has over 35+ years experience in the Valley & I contacted from one of his 5 year old tan flyers. He has a small but well trained staff of women with one who is bilingual who understand my mostly Hispanic tenants. I turned over my rentals a few at a time over one year and half based on performance & eventually they have all my rentals.
Matt DePetro
03:30 29 Jul 17
Great team. Hardworking and straightforward. I was a landlord looking for someone to find a tenant for my house and Valley Management did a stellar job helping me set the correct rent price and find a great tenant.
Delbert Wiggins
18:27 22 Jul 17
Valley Management Group has managed our properties for twenty some years . During that time we have had a few instances where the need for an iron fist in a velvet glove was needed to resolve a difficult situation. VMG stepped up to the problem and resolved it professionally. I would recommend them to manage any size property.
Christine Blasingame
17:31 05 Jul 17
We have had a great experience renting through VMG. We had a leaking a few weeks ago on a Sunday. They had someone out that day. They are really good about getting back you you right away via email as well, which is helpful for me. I don't always have time to call. If we ever have to rent an other place I would definitely go though them again.
Agnes R.
17:02 29 Jul 16
I'm very satisfied with their work Valley Management Group manages my rental home and they make my life so much easier. They take care of everything that needs to get done and they're very helpful. Anytime I need anything answered, they are fantastic to deal with and answer all of my questions. I've been with them for over ten years and everyone there is helpful, friendly, and professional. I would recommend them to anyone who needs residential property management services and I'm very happy to be working with them.
Peter Caney
19:23 16 Oct 13
Lloyd I just wanted to write and thank you for your wonderful service over the last two years. I had been managing the two single family home rentals I have for the past 20 years when I ran into a real nightmare situation with a tenant. I looked around for a property manager and found Valley Management Group. What a relief. It is amazing how much of my life I gained back my wife had been asking me for years to get a manager, but I thought I could just keep managing the properties and doing the handy work myself. I would have continued right along with that process, had I not been overwhelmed by a bad tenant and high turnover in a couple year period. When you took over, I knew I had a quality manager in place. The house was fixed up and not a dime was spent that you did not run by me. You took care of finding quality professionals to do the work that needed to be done and at prices which made me question why I was ever doing all this work on my own. There were no surprises I was really impressed after we selected the new tenants and you did the walk through with them I was happy because I had complete documentation. I could rest at night. And later when I talked with the tenants, they were happy. The mentioned that they had not met a more professional manager in all their years of renting. An added bonus- I could talk with the tenants without worrying about what needed to be done. Valley management would handle those issues.
Tobias Keifer
19:53 18 Jul 13
I am a landlord who needed help renting my house in San Jose. Lloyd and Christina helped me through the process as I was a rookie trying to find a tenant. Both were very knowledgeable, patient, and professional. We worked together perfectly; they were willing to show the property anytime and on short notice. They had great advice and made a professional decision on the right tenant making sure all of the rules and regulations are followed. I hate to wonder if I would have done this on my own that I may have made mistakes. Thank you to the team at Valley Management for helping me through the process.
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