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Property Management Santa Clara CA and Santa Clara County

Property Management Santa Clara CAWhile having a rental property in Santa Clara or elsewhere within Santa Clara County is a great way to earn extra income it isn’t always easy to manage. Rather than spend more time, energy and money on keeping your property in great shape and your tenants happy, let Valley Management Group handle your property management needs. We provide trustworthy and affordable residential property management services, and have more than 35 years of experience managing condos, single family homes, and multi-family units. Properties we manage in Santa Clara are in Cascade Park, Forest Park, Pacific Gardens, Rivermark, Santa Clara University and Westwood. We are committed to finding and keeping good tenants and will take a proactive approach to maintaining your property.

Santa Clara Property Management Services

Santa Clara Property ManagementIt’s vitally important that you make sure you meet all necessary regulations, responsibilities and requirements that a manager is expected to fulfill in order for your rental property to be a true success. We know that you have other things going on with your life and family and may not have the time and energy needed to managing a rental  property. At Valley Management Group we will provide you with:

Our Services Include

  • Professional Affiliations and Experience: Lloyd Kipp, the owner of Valley Management Group, is part of the Apartment Owners Association of California (AOA) and has a wealth of experience and professional knowledge regarding real estate and rental properties in Santa Clara. You will have all the professional services you need for your rental property.
  • Quality Accounting Documentation: We provide accounting documentation on your rental that is compliant with all federal, state and local requirements. You have the option to receive a monthly statement in the mail or through email regarding your account activity. You can also choose to have the income from your rental property either sent to you by a check in the mail or directly deposited to your banking account.
  • Personalized and Affordable Management Plans: We offer comprehensive property management services, which you can modify to meet your specific needs. Some of the services we offer include tenant screening and one-time rental services. For more information on our property management services, feel free to check our alternative property management services page.
  • Requirement Compliance: There are a number of legal compliance obligations that rental property owners need to meet. We provide property management services that stay up-to-date with all the local and federal requirements. We will cover all of your legal bases and inform you of any liabilities as soon as we notice them.
  • Professional Vendor Services: It takes time to manage a property and work with a well-qualified set of vendors. Over the years Valley Management Group has forged professional relationships with experienced and reputable vendors and service providers. These include appliance repairmen, electricians, roofers, handymen, plumbers, painters and anyone else you might need to maintain your property.

Benefits to Residents

Property Management Santa Clara County24 Hour Emergency Response: Our property manager is always available to provide help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only do we take great care of your investment property, we take equally great care of your residents. We follow up immediately on any issues reported and take prompt action and have the issue taken care of ASAP.

Customer Service: We also offer high caliber customer service and work hard to create a respectful relationship with each resident. We seek to provide prompt service to requests received from residents on maintenance and other issues regarding their living space. In addition we use vendors and service providers that provide prompt and quality work on the properties we manage.

Resident Relations: We seek to promote a courteous and respectful relationship with all our residents. When residents are happy with their living space they will likely stay and not look for another place to live. We carefully inspect all properties to address and resolve issues before residents move in. In addition we also try to proactively maintain properties to reduce maintenance emergencies.

Property Management in Santa Clara and Santa Clara County

Valley Management Group serves the needs of rental property and tenants in Santa Clara and throughout Santa Clara County with the top rate property management services. Our team of professionals will properly maintain your property to enhance profitability and appreciation. If you need professional property management services for your investment property call us for a free quote at 408-286-4200 or fill out our contact us form to get started.