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Maintenance Issues Landlords Should Address ASAP

Maintenance Issues Landlords Should Address ASAP

It’s no secret that rental real estate can be a solid investment, earning consistent recurring income while typically increasing in value over time. It’s also no secret that most real estate is a substantial financial commitment in Santa Clara County.

Maintaining the profitability of such a substantial investment is one of the best ways to protect it. Poorly maintained rental properties can drive away tenants and hurt resale value, both of which put a dent in a rental owner’s wallet and the profitability of owning a rental.

Most rental owners use a property management company to manage the maintenance and other things needed for their rental property. Valley Management Group is a Santa Clara County property management company that provides management services to rental owners that save them time, money, and peace of mind. Among the services included is a comprehensive maintenance program. If you choose to manage a property yourself, however, there are some top maintenance issues landlords should address ASAP.

Understanding Your Responsibilities as a Landlord in Santa Clara County

The primary responsibility of a landlord regarding local regulations is to ensure a property is habitable. That means everything must be in working order, necessary repairs are to be made, and the property must be safe, secure, and healthy. The landlord is responsible for ensuring that the HVAC system works well, that there is hot and cold running water, that there are no water leaks, and mitigating any vermin or insect infestations.

Perhaps the best way to ensure all these responsibilities are met is to adhere to a strict regular maintenance and inspection schedule. That’s how to earn tenant satisfaction and preserve a property’s value.

Seasonal Maintenance Tips for Rental Properties

If you follow a seasonal maintenance schedule for a property in Santa Clara County, you can adequately meet the needed requirements.

Winter maintenance – Check the HVAC system to ensure the heat comes on when it should and that the water heater works well. Implement moisture and mold prevention strategies in the wetter winter months.

Spring maintenance – Spring is the season in which you should make sure lawn care and overall landscaping are up to snuff. Curb appeal affects a property’s value. It’s also a good time to ensure that smoke alarms and fire extinguishers work.

Summer maintenance – The summer months are the time to monitor humidity issues such as mold and administer pest-control measures. It’s also time to keep tabs on household appliances and assess outdoor amenities such as pools.

Fall maintenance – The sun dwindles in the fall, so even if you own a rental property in, say, Sunnyvale, it’s essential to realize that Sunnyvale property management services should include gutter-cleaning, roof inspections, and other potential issues related to increased moisture and cooler temperatures.

Typical Issues Related to Santa Clara County

If you were to look up Santa Clara County’s climate on a search engine or encyclopedia, it would say that it’s a “moderate” climate. However, local residents know there are ups and downs in temperature and typical wet and dry seasons.

Temperature and moisture variation also require that property owners constantly stay on top of things relative to pest control, mold mitigation, fire hazards, and more. Remember, your responsibility as a landlord is to maintain a property as habitable, and heat or rain can cause damage you don’t want to deal with.

Tenant Communication and Maintenance Requests

Open lines of communication between tenants and owners or property managers are a significant way to stay on top of a property’s condition. Having regularly scheduled inspections and tenant surveys are preventative maintenance steps and can help nip potential problems in the bud.

When a problem arises, it’s imperative to address it immediately. Especially when a tenant requests a repair, timely fixes keep the property habitable and can improve tenant satisfaction and retention.

Partnering with a Property Management Company

Using a property management partnership can provide a rental owner comfort in knowing that experienced professionals are handling the maintenance responsibilities. That includes taking those midnight phone calls from tenants when an emergency repair is needed.

In addition to saving an owner’s time and reducing stress, a property manager’s relationships with local contractors can also help save money. Being familiar with local codes and rental regulations can also be cost-saving.

Valley Management Group is a Santa Clara County property management company that provides trustworthy and affordable property management services. We serve owners with rental properties in San Jose, Campbell, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, and throughout Santa Clara County. Contact Valley Management Group for a free quote and one month of free property management services.

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