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Los Gatos Property Management

Los Gatos property management

Valley Management Group could be the solution you’re looking for if you’re the owner of a Los Gatos investment property. The company is a full-service property management business with 40 years of experience in the local real estate and rental industry, serving Los Gatos and other communities throughout Silicon Valley. We provide comprehensive property management services for single-family homes, condos, and apartment buildings in the Downtown area and other Los Gatos neighborhoods. Los Gatos is attractive to tenants because of its small-town charm, recreational activities, and great shopping and dining options. We strive to find and retain good tenants for our client’s properties, saving you both time and money.

Our Los Gatos Property Management Services

property management in Los Gatos CA

  • Tailored Management Services: We provide marketing, tenant screening, lease preparation, rent collection, consultation services, evictions, and more. Whether you have a single-family home, vacation rental, short-term rental, or apartment building, Valley Management group will customize to fit your needs.
  • Experience and Professional Affiliations: Valley Management Group owner Lloyd Kipp has over 40 years of experience in local real estate and is a member of the Apartment Owners Association of California.
    That experience and knowledge mean property owners can confidently leave the land-lording work to us and go about their own lives.
  • Top-Notch Documentation and Accounting: We keep full and accurate accounting records and documentation for every property we manage. Property owners receive a detailed statement each month that reflects their account activity. You’ll have concise and complete summaries for your property at your fingertips each and every month.
  • Federal and Local Law Compliance: Not only is it important to keep your property looking and functioning great, but it’s also vital to keep every property compliant with any federal and local laws and regulations. Plenty of property owners have found themselves in legal hot water because they didn’t keep abreast of the law. It’s imperative for property management in Los Gatos to stay up-to-date with compliance.
  • Professional Vendor Services: We work only with qualified and reliable handymen, electricians, plumbers, repairmen, and other maintenance professionals who are insured, licensed, and bonded. Our work with a list of vendors built over the years eliminates wondering whom to call when your property needs work. Having relationships with multiple vendors also means we can work to secure competitive prices on your behalf.

Attracting Tenants in Los Gatos

Los Gatos has a perfect mix of small-town charm and many popular amenities and activities. Its residents tend to have well-paying jobs, and Bloomberg ranked the town the 33rd wealthiest city in the US. With mountain views, a pedestrian-friendly layout, a great dining scene, along with popular walking and running trails like the Los Gatos Creek Trail, there’s something for everyone.

That means people want to live in Los Gatos, including renters, who make up about a third of the total real estate market. Property management in Los Gatos involves attracting those tenants in a competitive rental market. Our services include:

  • Professional, proven advertising: If you want to leave advertising to professionals who’ve done it before, we will advertise your property on your behalf. Years of experience have allowed us to develop time-proven marketing that gets your property rented quickly.
  • Property Preparation: Before any showings for potential tenants, we provide you with advice on the condition of the property and can help get it cleaned and ready to be shown to tenant prospects. We want to make sure your property is in top shape when it’s being shown.
  • Scheduling and showings: You don’t have to drop everything to schedule and attend showings of your property to potential residents. Our tenant-placement service includes fielding inquiries, scheduling tours of the property and personally showing it to interested renters.

Services for Your Residents in Los Gatos

Los Gatos Town Plaza ParkHaving a great property in a desirable area tends to make it easier to find quality tenants. However, a great property won’t keep quality tenants around if they’re not completely happy with their living experience. Our property management service in Los Gatos doesn’t just mean taking care of you and your property, it also means taking care of your residents. We provide property management services that include the following:


  • Quality Resident Relations: One of the best ways to retain quality tenants is to treat them more like neighbors or friends than as renters. We strive to avoid the stereotypical tenant/landlord dynamic and treat every resident with courtesy, respect, and kindness. Keeping solid tenants in a property for as long as possible is a key to investor profits, and a key to keeping them around is keeping them happy with their experience.
  • 24/7 Emergency Response: Knowing that we provide round-the-clock emergency access can provide property owners with a sense of security. It also gives your tenants that sense. They know sometimes things happen that don’t fit inside normal working hours, and they’ll also know they can contact us any time, day or night, if a maintenance issue crops up. Having your back means we have your residents’ backs, too.
  • Pre-move Walkthrough and Inspection: We don’t just hand the keys to your new tenants and wish them good luck. Prior to move-in, we will walk through the property with them for a thorough inspection. The walkthrough gives them the opportunity to ask any questions they might have about the property and allows both you and your residents to have documentation of any existing damage or the need for repair. We’ll get the property to their satisfaction before they move in.

Los Gatos Property Management from Valley Management Group

We know that rental properties are a great source of income, but they also require a lot of responsibility. Valley Management Group provides trustworthy and personalized property management services to handle that responsibility for you. Enjoy being a rental property owner the way you should, and let us take care of the details involved with managing your property. We have been providing property management services to rental owners throughout Santa Clara Valley for 40 years, and have many good online reviews from both property owners and tenants.

With the help of Valley Management Group, you can find out just how easy it is to be a property owner in Los Gatos. Call us at 408-286-4200 for a free quote and one free month of property management services, or fill out our contact form.