Frequently Asked Questions

Owners and Investors

How long has Valley Management Group been managing investment properties?

Our people have been providing professional property management services since 1979. For more on our experience, visit the About VMG page.

Does your selection fee include the cost of advertising?

We do not charge for advertising costs.

Will you make all of the payments associated with my rental property?

Yes. We’re dedicated to providing property management without the worry, and that includes making all payments for you and depositing the balance into your local bank. Our overseas clients choose us in part because our services are so hassle-free.

Do you provide a Tenant Selection Service independent of your other Property Management Services?

Yes. If you prefer to manage your own property but want to take advantage of our proven history in selecting good tenants, we’ll handle all of the details.


Is there a fee to process my application?

Yes. The application processing fee is a low $30 and is non refundable.

How often will my rent be raised?

Valley Management Group evaluates the rent of each property once a year. If the current rent is lower than the rent of comparable properties, it will be increased appropriately. You will be notified in advance of any change.

If I have a maintenance problem, how long will it take to get it fixed?

We’re committed to the proper and timely maintenance of all the properties we manage, and provide our tenants with a 24 hour access line to report maintenance issues. We respond immediately to emergencies. For non-emergent issues, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

How long will it take for you to process my rental application?

In most cases, we’ll process the application within 24 hours.