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Tenant Screening and Selection

Proven Techniques for Enhancing Tenant Retention and Satisfaction

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One of the most important aspects of successfully managing a property is keeping good tenants. An experienced San Jose property manager at Valley Management Group will also tell you the key to successful property management and profitability is good tenant selection and retention. Poor tenant turnover rates can result in huge financial losses due to…

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How to Keep Good Tenants in Your Rental

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Rental properties can certainly be lucrative for real estate investors when they are properly managed. They provide consistent income while typically increasing in value. Housing is a commodity constantly in demand since people will always need a place to live. One of the surest ways to maintain a solid return on your investment is to…

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Why Tenant Screening and Selection Are Critical to Rental Owners

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The appeal of investing in residential real estate is the income and potential appreciation it provides. When you’re the owner of a rental property, you receive income when it’s rented out and tenants are paying on time each month. The profitability of your rental property depends on the attraction and retention of good tenants. It’s…

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