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Property Management Services: Which Ones Do Owners Really Need?

There are plenty of would-be real estate investors who don’t get into the income-property game simply because they’ve heard about all the landlord nightmares. They don’t want to deal with late rent, or midnight phone calls about clogged toilets, or problem tenants. One way to alleviate those landlord headaches is to hire a property management...
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5 Ways to Avoid Problem Tenants

One of the most traditional ways to earn passive income is to invest in a rental property. Investment property provides consistent, recurring cash flow and over time usually increases in value. Those qualities make a rental property an attractive investment. If rental property is such a great investment, why doesn’t everyone own rental properties? It’s...
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Tips on Renovating Rental Property for Higher Profit

Do you own rental property in Santa Clara Valley? If you do, you understand some of the challenges that property owners – everywhere – face when it comes to maintaining your rental property and increasing your income. While rents in Santa Clara County are among the highest in the country, your property still needs to...
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How a Property Management Company Saves Owners Time and Money

Residential rental property owners quickly learn that owning and managing a rental property on their own can turn into a full-time job. One of reasons some property owners don’t use a property manager is the cost. While property management comes with a cost, most rental owners find that the benefits of a good San Jose...
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2019 Residential Rental Trends in San Jose and Santa Clara

San Jose and Santa Clara are popular locations not only for home buyers but for renters as well. As you may know, it is less expensive to rent in this area of California than it is to buy. A look at the local trends for residential rentals shows there were several factors that pushed rates...
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5 Reasons Why You Need a Property Manager for Your Rentals

Being a rental property owner can become a full-time job – especially if you’re managing it on your own. If you own a rental in Santa Clara County where the housing market is doing exceptionally well, you should enlist the help of a local San Jose property management company who can insure that your rental...
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