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The Power of Outsourcing Real Estate Management

Plenty of individual real estate investors start their careers in rental property ownership because they see it as a great way to earn passive income. Many soon learn, however, that owning rental property isn’t exactly passive. It takes some time and effort to manage rental properties. Even a single property carries with it enough duties...
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5 Costly Landlord Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

One primary reason that keeps people from investing in real estate is property management. They want to be real estate investors, but they aren’t eager for the headaches that can come with being a landlord. It’s understandable. No one wants the landlord-tenant nightmares you sometimes hear about. But some of those nightmares are self-induced; landlords...
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5 Top Reasons Why You Should Rent Your House Rather than Sell It

If you’re a homeowner who’s facing a move in the near future, you have a decision to make regarding your current home. If you’re not going to live in it, your first inclination may be to sell. But not all circumstances are the same. If you haven’t lived there long enough to build equity, or...
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5 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Property Manager

If you own residential rental real estate and have decided it’s time to hire a property management company, you’ve taken a major first step. You know that having someone else manage your property will make your life easier. Now it’s time to hire the right one. As in any business, not all property management companies...
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Property Management Services: Which Ones Do Owners Really Need?

There are plenty of would-be real estate investors who don’t get into the income-property game simply because they’ve heard about all the landlord nightmares. They don’t want to deal with late rent, or midnight phone calls about clogged toilets, or problem tenants. One way to alleviate those landlord headaches is to hire a property management...
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5 Ways to Avoid Problem Tenants

One of the most traditional ways to earn passive income is to invest in a rental property. Investment property provides consistent, recurring cash flow and over time usually increases in value. Those qualities make a rental property an attractive investment. If rental property is such a great investment, why doesn’t everyone own rental properties? It’s...
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