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Why Real Estate Investors Should Consider Buying Condos

Condominiums haven’t always been the most desirable property type for real estate investors. They are sometimes more difficult to finance compared to single-family homes, and they might come with association dues that can be burdensome and unpredictable. There are, however, plenty of reasons for investors to at least think about buying condos. The biggest reason...
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Why Tenant Screening and Selection Are Critical to Rental Owners

The appeal of investing in residential real estate is the income and potential appreciation it provides. When you’re the owner of a rental property, you receive income when it’s rented out and tenants are paying on time each month. The profitability of your rental property depends on the attraction and retention of good tenants. It’s...
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What to Do When a Tenant Sues You for Their Security Deposit

Ask any rental property owner it’s happened to, and they’ll tell you that it’s no fun to be sued. It’s stressful, time-consuming, and can be expensive when someone takes you to court. But tenants sometimes do file lawsuits against property owners or managers over disputes that arise. One dispute that has the potential for legal...
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2020 Rental Market Trends in San Jose and Santa Clara County

There were probably plenty of people eager to flip the calendar to 2021 after everything that 2020 brought with it, including a global pandemic. COVID-19 shaped industry trends and consumer behavior in 2020, and local real estate markets were no exception. In San Jose and Santa Clara County, residential real estate sales prices continued to...
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If You Own a Rental Property, Consider Your Property Management Options

Owning rental properties can be a great way of earning consistent recurring income outside of a typical job. However rental income not always entirely passive income. Owning a rental property involves management tasks, such as advertising for and screening tenants, collecting rent, and doing maintenance and repairs. Most owners of investment property are not up...
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5 Signs Your Apartment Community Is Getting Good Management Services

When an individual real estate investor starts out, managing a rental unit that they live near may not be that difficult. There’s work involved, and it may be like a part-time job. However when a property owner manages several rental units or more, it can quickly become more and more like a full-time job. Even...
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