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Should You Rent Property to Pet Owners?

It’s estimated that about 85 million United States households own some type of pet, about two-thirds of all households. It’s also estimated that about one-third of all U.S. households are renters. Logic follows, then, that these two categories likely significantly intersect. Plenty of renters are also pet owners. The cross-section of pet owners and renters...
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Tips for Choosing the Right Property Manager for Your Rental

Investing in a rental property can be a lucrative venture, but if you manage it yourself it can become a part-time job. Maintaining the property, attracting and screening tenants, and handling the collection of rent are all responsibilities that can’t be ignored and require time. The time involved in managing a rental property is a...
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Rental Property Maintenance Tips for Rental Owners

If you’ve invested in a rental property, especially in a high-demand area such as Santa Clara County, you’ve likely made a considerable investment. In the second quarter of 2022, the average sales price of a home in Santa Clara County was $1.6 million. Sure, the property will generate rental income and will almost certainly continue...
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What Rental Owners Need to Know About Tenant Security Deposits

Believe it or not, one of the most common legal disputes between rental unit owners and tenants occurs over security deposits. There are attorneys who specialize in such cases, and there are even non-profit organizations that champion tenants’ causes over security deposits. If you’re a rental unit owner, the easiest way to stay out of...
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Why Rental Properties Can Be an Excellent Investment

If you’re like most in the U.S. workforce, you have an employer-sponsored retirement account. You contribute a portion of your paycheck toward retirement, and your employer likely matches your contribution up to a certain point. And if you’re like most in the U.S. workforce, you’ve probably asked yourself: “Is it going to be enough?” The...
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5 Ways a Property Manager Makes Your Life Easier

When you’re the owner of a rental property, it can seem as though you have a part-time job. Sure, you’re earning income, but you’re also spending time managing the place. Unless you hire someone else to manage the property, it’s not an entirely passive investment. Hiring a property manager means adding an expense, but is...
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