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The Importance of Tenant Screening: How to Find Quality Tenants

The rental market in Santa Clara County is attractive to real estate investors despite the relatively high acquisition cost of properties. The median rent in the county is about 40 percent higher than the national median rate, so the potential for solid monthly income is certainly there. But no matter how much rental income a...
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The Benefits of Professional Property Management Services

Experienced and beginner real estate investors know that one main factor of profitability is investing in areas where people want to live. “Invest into demand,” the saying goes, and Santa Clara County certainly continues to be a real estate market in high demand. It’s a high-density area with many high-paying jobs, which is typically the...
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How Should Landlords Set and Adjust Rent Prices?

One of your biggest priorities as the owner or manager of a rental property should be maximizing its income potential. Real estate is often a substantial investment, and every rental owner will want the best return. As with any business, profitability is achieved when a property’s income (rent) exceeds its operating costs. That’s why determining...
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Hiring a Property Manager? Important Things to Consider Before Hiring Them

As a rental property owner, few decisions are as important as hiring the right property manager to oversee your rental. A good property manager will manage everything from day-to-day maintenance to collecting rent, screening tenants, paying taxes, and everything else in between. Given the breadth of services, a property manager should provide, determining the best...
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Can You Require Renters to Carry Rental Insurance?

Carrying homeowners insurance on your primary residence typically covers the structure, the property’s contents, and liability. But having owner’s insurance on a rental property is slightly different. An owner’s insurance policy on a rental property also covers structural damage and provides liability coverage but does not typically insure the property’s contents. After all, when you...
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Understanding Fair Housing Laws – What Landlords Need to Know

When the U.S. Congress passed the Fair Housing Act in 1968, it protected individuals and families from discriminatory or deceptive practices by those renting or selling residential properties. An amendment in 1988 further defined protected classes covered by the law, including race, religion, sex, disability, and family status. While the legislation is well-intended, it can...
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Rental Property Trends in San Jose and Santa Clara County

Rising mortgage interest rates throughout 2022, combined with some economic uncertainty, helped finally cool the blazing-hot residential housing markets nationwide. Even in a seller’s market such as San Jose, home sales prices flattened at least a bit. What didn’t cool off were the rental markets in most areas of San Jose and Santa Clara County....
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