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5 Rules of Property Management Customer Service

San Jose Property Management Services

Good property management isn’t easy to find, and finding a reliable and trustworthy manager can be difficult. Not only is finding the right property manager difficult, you also need to know exactly what you’re even looking for.

When it comes to property management, the quality of services provided is of the utmost importance. Whether you’ve just bought a new investment property or you’re looking for a local San Jose property management company that provides better service, make sure the property manager you hire follows these five rules of property management customer service and has a good record of customer satisfaction.


Courteous Comes First

While it may seem obvious that a property manager should be courteous to both owners and tenants, the stress that comes with property management can be overwhelming. That common courtesy your manager and their staff should practice is often the first thing to go.

It sounds like a cliché, but look for property managers that will greet you with a smile and even answer the phone like they’ve been waiting to talk to you. These small acts of courtesy go a long way toward building a fruitful, mutually beneficial relationship.


Managers Should Anticipate Needs

Property managers that are great at their jobs don’t wait for owners and tenants to contact them – they anticipate their needs. Did they notice a roofing problem or some other problem that needs attention soon? They should call the right people and follow up before it becomes a big problem.

Does the water heater in the garage have a slow leak? The owner should know that service is needed before it becomes a bigger problem! Anticipating owner and tenant needs is what makes a good property manager in-demand and special.


Responds Immediately

When a property owner or tenant calls about a problem, a manager needs to respond to them as soon as possible. Even if the manager is handling another problem with a different tenant or another request, he or she needs to acknowledge situations in minutes, not hours.

A good property manager does this because responding to requests immediately will put property owners and tenants at ease. Even if a manager can’t do something immediately, they should let the owner or tenant know that their aware and will address the issue.


Acts Quickly

Immediate responses are important for property managers, but it’s just as important that they act quickly to take care of a problem. Responding to a request right away but then taking too much time – especially for something simple – demonstrates an issue with their follow-up response.

If a manager can’t do something immediately, they should stay in touch with the property owner or tenant and let them know why they can’t handle it right away. Managers should provide updates regularly to make sure you, as the owner or tenant, know they haven’t forgotten about their needs.


Does Your Manager Go the Extra Mile?

The phrase go the extra mile sounds like it was ripped right from an inspirational poster, but when you’re hiring a property management company, it can put them at the head of the pack. So what does going the extra mile really mean?

Managers should contact property owners to provide updates on proactive maintenance needs with their property and ask if they have any questions from the monthly statements they receive. They should make sure they’re happy with how everything is going with the property. It’s a small thing, but it matters. Skilled property managers should also contact tenants at regular time intervals to confirm everything is OK at their residence.

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Reviewed and Approved by Lloyd Kipp
Property Manager and Owner of Valley Management Group

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